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Portable Masts Australia Pty Ltd - Direct Belgium Factory Distributor - for Australia, Asia-Pacific
Portable Masts Australia Pty Ltd are the direct factory distributor for all Clark Mast products manufactured by the Belgium based company, Clark Masts Teksam NV


Clark Masts military deployed XT Series portable mast

Clark Masts telescopic portable masts are used by Military Forces in all parts of the world and in all climatic conditions. In fact, in common with other defence forces, Australia's Department of Defence uses a large number of Clark Masts which were especially manufactured in Australia. A range of air operated and manually extended models has been especially developed for Military use and these are covered in the following pages. Clark Masts can also manufacture masts to the military users own unique specifications (as with the Australian masts) as well as adapt their standard industrial masts to military specifications.

Military users have special requirements, such as complete interchangeability of components for equipments delivered years apart or, when designs are updated, on-going availability of pre-updated parts. Clark Masts Nato Coded portable military masts can be trusted to fulfil these requirements in addition to possessing maintenance information for every level and lists of recommended spares for any period and service.

Applications include their use as (Electronic Warfare) EW Masts, (Differential GPS) DGPS masts, Camera Masts, Aerial Masts, Surveillance Masts, Communications Masts, (Unmanned Air Vehicle) UAV Masts, (Direction Finding) DF Masts, Data Masts, Antenna Masts, Microwave Masts, (Instrument Landing System) ILS Masts and Command and Control Masts.

Portable Masts Australia Pty Ltd are a Clark Masts military products Australian/Asia-Pacific distributor.

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TekMast Thumbnail photo New low cost manual Vertically Erected Light-weight Sectional Field Portable Mast Kits to 21 Metres, headload capability to 50 Kg. Erection example 21 metres: 2 persons with typical antenna, 30 minutes or less.
Type 73 Clark Masts Type 73 Series Field Mounted Portable Masts Manual Vertically Erected Sectional Field Portable Mast Kits to 30 Metres,
headload capability to 75 Kg. Erection example 20 metres: 3
persons with typical antenna, 45 minutes or less.
Type 73-S Clark Masts Type 73-S Mast Series Field Mounted Portable Masts Lighter, Simpler & Lower Cost version of Type 73 portable masts to 16 
Metres and vertical headload capability to 25 Kg.
Series 90 Clark Masts Series 90 Mast Portable Mast The Clark Masts Big Lifter portable mast, 300 Kg up to 40 Metres, 
manually erected. Erection Example 30 metres: 5 persons, time to 
erect with typical frame grid antenna, 2.5 hours or less.
SCAM Series Clark Masts SACM Mast Series Rugged, rapidly deployed Air-Operated Telescopic Field Mast Kits,
headloads to 70 Kg, heights to 24 metres. Erection Example 12
metres: Field Mounted 2 persons, 5 minutes with hand pump.
Vehicle Mounted 1 person, 2 minutes using Clark compressor.
Type PU Clark Masts Type PU Portable Military Mast Series Utterly-Reliable Small Manually Erected Portable Mast, headloads 
to 10 Kg heights to 11.4 metres. Erection Example 10 metre: Field 
erected, 2 persons 10 minutes. Vehicle mounted, 1 person, 3 minutes
including headload attachment. All kit components are NATO codified.
Surveyor Series Clark Masts Surveyer Field Mounted Portable Mast Series Lightweight Air-Operated Clark Masts Field Portable Mast Kit 
for accurate alignment. Based on the commercial PT mast series. 
Headloads up to 15 Kg and extended heights to 15 metres. All 
kit components are NATO codified.
Air Equipment Clark Masts Model 30 Air Supply Unit Air supply options, including hand pumps, 12/24 VDC controller/comp
-ressors, 230/110 VAC units as well as a petrol driven alternative.
& XT Masts
Clark Masts Militarized PT15 Portable Mast Any of Clark' Masts commercial/industrial Phase 2 series masts can be
supplied in a militarised form, generally at a cost saving over the
pure military portable masts.
Clark Masts Commercial / Industrial Masts & Teklite Portable Lighting Range Clark Masts Commercial Masts Commercial - Industrial Mast RangeTeklite Commercial Portable Lighting SystemsCommercial Masts & Teklite Portable Lighting range.

Military XT portable mast
A militarised XT-6 vehicle mounted portable mast, 
operationally deployed

Clark Masts suitability - Rugged Materials Used Clark Mast suitability - Will Withstand Nature's Worst
Clark Mast suitability - Double Brake Failsafe Hoist Clark Mast suitability - High Built In Safety factor
Clark Mast suitability - Handles for use with man sized gloved hands Clark Mast suitability - High Maintenance & Documentation Support

Clark Masts Military portable mast hard at work
Field deployed Clark Military portable masts hard at work.
The tall mast on the left is a militarised WT12, 12 metre mast.

Operationally deployed Military Clatk Masts
Visible above are six operationally deployed Clark Masts military portable 
masts supporting a field communications base.

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